PhysioCamp is a free and ongoing project that seeks to educate and expose students to the health sciences. Our mission is to provide career insight and support students who have an interest in the healthcare fields. We strive to create continuity with students over weeks, months, and years of attending sessions.

When we visit, we bring anatomic models and medical equipment for students to get hands-on experience with, and we provide information on career options and their corresponding academic requirements. We also highlight connections between their school curriculum and broader health education concepts. Our virtual sessions aim to provide tutoring, mentorship, and career exploration in a more flexible web-based format.

Our Goals

We focus on the 3 C’s: Confidence, Continuity, and Connections.

Confidence — Sessions are designed to increase student confidence, while also fostering self-growth and providing an environment for career exploration. We aim to prepare students for college and their future careers by offering learning opportunities that can be referenced on future applications, personal statements, and resumes.

Continuity — We prefer to attend locations on a recurring basis, to offer more than just a one-time exposure. K-12 students engage with both undergraduate and graduate volunteers in various healthcare fields. These recurring interactions offer opportunities for questions and guidance, and provide an opportunity for mentorship.

Connections — Within sessions we build connections to schoolwork, so that students can see that what they are learning about now is applicable to a career later in life. We also provide connections to resources within the healthcare field, such as through mentoring and volunteer programs. We aim to provide a supportive environment where students can reach out to our volunteers with any questions or concerns about schooling or their career goals.