Our History

In 2012 we held a general science camp in Goldsboro, NC, but our favorite part was talking about the human body. So, in 2013 we started the Physiology Camp for high school students exclusively. Each year the camp branched out to different locations, adding different activities and age ranges along the way. The camp now serves elementary, middle, and high school students.

One of our founding missions was to promote interest in the healthcare field, especially within underserved populations. In doing so, we hope to increase the healthcare workforce, and empower these communities by increasing representation within the field. This goal applies to rural communities, minority communities, and underserved populations in general. Though the camp is designed to reach underserved students in particular, any student can attend the Physiology Camp.

What We Do

The heart of the camp is bringing anatomical models and healthcare equipment to after school care and summer programs, but we do so much more! We attempt to address a need if one is brought to our attention. We’ve brought in materials and provided assistance for students to create their science fair projects. We bring healthy snacks and work to educate students on making proper dietary choices. We’ve held bilingual camps with translators. We’ve given away books and sports equipment to kids that showed an interest. We also offer mentoring for high school students if they need help navigating the college application process, finding volunteer opportunities, or applying for internships. Many of our services have become available online as well, including tutoring, mentorship, and healthcare education sessions.

Students we Support

We believe anyone with an interest can make an impact in healthcare. If you have a physical disability or learning disability, we support you and believe you would make a great addition to the healthcare field! Are you from a low income background, an underserved population, affected by health disparities, living in a rural area that is low on healthcare workers? We believe you offer greatly valued diversity to the healthcare field! We hope to encourage and support more people with a range of backgrounds and experiences.