The main elements of distance education are described as “online” “e-learning”, which traditionally involves students being virtually connected to school curriculum.

We offer distance education via three services: (1) TeleTutoring, (2) TeleCamps, and (3) TeleMeets.

***All the services are conducted via webcam/internet on Zoom/WebEx.***
***All sessions are FREE***
***All volunteer instructors have done training/orientation & background checks to ensure safety.***


We offer FREE one-on-one tutoring for K-12. Available subjects for tutoring may include history, science, math, English. Students will be paired to their instructor based on their availability each week (time/day) for approximately one hour.  


We teach FREE online health-related classes based on age divisions. Some topics are nutrition, exercise, heart & lungs, digestive tract, etc. Students can sign up for sessions/topics each month. Register fast! There is limited availability!

Below is an overview of how we group students for TeleCamp sessions: 

    • Younger Elementary (YE) => K-2
    • Older Elementary (OE) => 3-5
    • Middle School (MS) => 6-8
    • High School (HS) => 9-12


We offer FREE interactive learning sessions via our TeleMeets program. This is a summer initiative intended to supplement our other services. Events are organized by age division, and are designed to foster learning and career exploration through virtually guided crafts/activities. An overview of our age groups and planned topics is shown below. 
Elementary school
Format: Google slides, hands-on crafts/activities, parent involvement is welcome
Topics: exploring anatomy (lungs, heart, brain, eyes, etc.), health & wellness
Middle school
Format: Google slides, Kahoot activity, video presentation, 1-2 guest speakers
Topics: job shadowing, description of each profession, how to volunteer in the community
High school
Format: Instagram live/Q&A session, Google slides, guest speakers
Topics: virtual shadowing, career exploration, college planning, extracurricular involvement