The main elements of distance education are described as “online” “e-learning”, which traditionally involves students being virtually connected to school curriculum.

We currently offer two distance education services: (1) TeleTutoring and (2) TeleMeets.

***All the services are conducted via webcam/internet on Zoom/WebEx.***

***All sessions are FREE***

***All volunteer instructors have done training/orientation & background checks to ensure safety.***


We offer FREE one-on-one tutoring for K-12. Available subjects for tutoring may include history, science, math, and English among others. Students will be paired with their instructor based on their availability each week (time/day) for approximately one hour.  


We offer FREE interactive learning sessions via our TeleMeets program. Events are organized by age division, and are designed to foster learning and career exploration through virtually guided crafts/activities. An overview of our age groups and planned topics is shown below. Students can join us for sessions/topics each month. 

Elementary school

Format: Google slides, hands-on crafts/activities, parent involvement is welcome

Topics: exploring anatomy (lungs, heart, brain, eyes, etc.), health & wellness


Middle school

Format: Google slides, Kahoot activity, video presentation, 1-2 guest speakers

Topics: exploring anatomy, healthcare and wellness, job shadowing, description of each profession, how to volunteer in the community


High school

Format: Instagram live/Q&A session, Google slides, guest speakers

Topics: exploring anatomy, healthcare and wellness, virtual shadowing, career exploration, college planning, extracurricular involvement